Fifty Bands, One State

I don’t often write “response posts” to things I’ve read. I think once during the lifetime of our old Lonesome Noise blog did I write a piece in direct response to something else that was written. (Apparently, I was really bugged by Zakk Wylde stating that Black Sabbath without Ozzy wasn’t really Black Sabbath…) Recently … More Fifty Bands, One State

More (Non-Metal) Guitar in the Monitor – September 2016

Our monthly look at the non-metal albums that have been in recent heavy rotation…   Darkher – Realms I wanted to badly to give this album the full review treatment (hell, I still might) because honestly there have been few albums this year I’ve listened to as often as Realms. U.K.’s Darkher, the alias for … More More (Non-Metal) Guitar in the Monitor – September 2016

On Willie Nelson

Some of the earliest and best memories I have are almost all music related. One man has been involved in one way or another in more of those memories than any other person – Willie Nelson. I don’t have ‘heroes’ per se. While I had favorite athletes as a child (specifically Mike Schmidt and too … More On Willie Nelson

An Introduction

Two days before I set out to finally launch this blog my two-year old son decided, in a fit of “Toddler Rage” over something probably, completely innocuous, to smash a metal water bottle into this laptop and almost…almost…rendered it the biggest, ugliest paperweight you’ve ever seen. This, more than anything I can think of right … More An Introduction