The Iron Maiden Wish List

Run To The Hills kids!

It’s no secret that in our household very few bands are held in as high regard as Iron Maiden. The announcement that Maiden would be coming back to the U.S. this summer, and would be playing within driving distance of us, was met with sheer glee. A promise had been made many moons ago that the next time Maiden came back to town that not only would the oldest child get to see them again, but the next two in line would get the opportunity as well. So with four Maiden tickets officially purchased I asked the kids to give me the five Iron Maiden songs they absolutely have to hear in concert come July. Below you have their answers plus the five songs I’d love to hear as well. While some of their responses mirror having seen Maiden only once between the three of them, mine go a little deeper to songs I’ve either never heard them play in the five times I’ve previously seen them, or songs that I’ve heard too sparingly in the live setting. At the bottom of the article you’ll find a link to a Spotify playlist as well. So feel free to have your own personal concert as well.


10 Year Old
Speed of Light
Children of the Damned
The Number of the Beast

My dude went way deeper than I would have expected for someone who has never seen Maiden live before. He loves the newest single, “Speed of Light,” because of his love of video games. Being it comes off the newest album there is a real good chance he’ll get his wish on that one. “Children of the Damned” and “Killers” were surprises to me, but in his words, we played them recently on The Metal Dad Radio show and he digs them. Unfortunately I think he is most likely going to strike out with one and definitely on the other.

Song Probability: 3 out of 5


12 Year Old
The Trooper
Run To The Hills
Flight of Icarus
The Number of the Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is exactly the kind of wish list I would expect from someone experiencing Maiden in the live setting for the first time. I’m pretty positive that they’ve played “The Trooper,” “Run To The Hills,” and “The Number of the Beast” all five times I’ve seen them previously, and the other two tracks at least three or four times. So there’s a good chance, depending on how much new stuff they play, that the majority of these ‘hits’ get the live treatment once again.

Song Probability: 4 out of 5


16 Year Old
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Flight of Icarus
Aces High
Wasted Years

There was a method to the madness on this one. When we saw Maiden together a few summers ago they didn’t play “Hallowed Be Thy Name” or “Flight of Icarus,” so asking to have those put back into the set list makes sense. They did play the other three songs live when we saw them though. “Aces High” is a given. The other two? Probably not.

Song Probability: 3 out of 5


The Metal Dad
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Sun and Steel
Flash of the Blade

This is a total pipe dream of a wish list but includes some of my all-time favorite Maiden tracks nonetheless. For whatever reason they’ve virtually ignored the Killers album for a long time now. Makes zero sense to me being I consider it one of the two or three greatest records they ever produced. With that said “Murders in the Rue Morgue” and “Purgatory” are out. “Sun and Steel” and “Flash of the Blade” are unfortunately on records with too many other ‘hits’ so those are probably out as well. “Gangland” would appear to be the one song I think I have an outside shot to hear, but again, comes off a record with too many songs that are live staples. So, I’m going to go ahead and say…

Song Probability: 0 out of 5

I’m a realist, what can I say. With all of that said, every show Maiden seems to pull that one song out of the archives that you never thought they’d play live again. Looking forward to seeing what it will be come July. Perhaps one of these gems…



2 thoughts on “The Iron Maiden Wish List

  1. I honestly know nothing about Maiden other than some awful Canadian band I found on Much Music back in the day (Scratching Post-can you blame me there was a hot chick lead singer and I didn’t yet realize I was as gay as I am) was very much inspired by them. That all being said, you killed me with this email, it was thoroughly entertaining! Jess (As in the old Jenna and Jess)

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