Notes From the iPod Vol. 5

Another installment of what we’ve been rocking on the family iPod…

Neko Case – “Bought and Sold”

I had a chance to see Neko Case play Hartford last week with my 11-year old daughter. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to in all honesty. She pulled out a bunch of tracks from back in the day, including this gem off her Furnace Room Lullaby album. Needless to say we’ve been rocking this song (and the rest of the album) pretty hard ever since.


Guns N Roses – “Night Train”

I am of the mindset that Appetite For Destruction is hands-down one of the best hard rock albums in all existence. The rest of their catalog is hit or miss for me personally, but this album…yeah…this album is amazing. “Night Train” is one of the few songs off this album that I can rock in the car when the kids are in tow. Needless to say Axl Rose likes the ladies and the eff-word a lot and he wasn’t afraid to write songs with as many F-bombs as he could muster in under four minutes. So as I find myself revisiting this classic again it’s this track that is getting the most plays.


Violent Mae – “Neon Halos”

If you didn’t read my review of their new album, Kid, then stay tuned for my forth-coming year-end list to find out how much I love this band and this record. This might be my favorite track on the record. It’s so beautiful and so powerfully written. I can’t get enough of it and therefore, neither can the rest of my family.


Black Sabbath – “Looking For Today”

When my 15-year old announced to the rest of us that tickets for Black Sabbath’s farewell tour (time will tell if this is really a farewell tour as I’m pretty sure I already attended one like 15 years ago) are now on sale, all three of my oldest children pronounced their desire to attend. We’ll see who actually makes it to the show next summer. For now we’ve been rocking plenty of Sabbath in the car. This one in particular is a favorite of my 9 year old. (I haven’t broken it to them yet that there’s no chance in hell they would play this song live because there’s no chance in hell Ozzy can still hit these notes without keeling over.)


BONUS: “We Are Santa’s Elves” from the Rudolph Soundtrack

My two year old is obsessed with Rudolph…OBSESSED. The DVD gets played once a day and the CD version of the soundtrack is not only in constant rotation in the family CD player but it is this song specifically that he begs and pleads to have played over…and over…and over…and over…and over again. So now I share this torturous ear worm with all of you. Happy Holidays!

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