Artist of the Month: Goodnight Blue Moon

When reminded it’s been a solid four years since they last gifted us with any new music, Goodnight Blue Moon vocalist/guitarist, Erik Elligers responds with a sigh of relief that could be heard through e-mail, “Yeah…four years. We needed time for this album.” New Haven’s Goodnight Blue Moon cemented themselves as heavy hitters in the … More Artist of the Month: Goodnight Blue Moon

Fifty Bands, One State

I don’t often write “response posts” to things I’ve read. I think once during the lifetime of our old Lonesome Noise blog did I write a piece in direct response to something else that was written. (Apparently, I was really bugged by Zakk Wylde stating that Black Sabbath without Ozzy wasn’t really Black Sabbath…) Recently … More Fifty Bands, One State