A Decade of CT Music: 2018

We are winding down this exercise and I hope for those of you who read along it was as enjoyable as it was for me. I really had a long, wonderful stroll down memory lane and got to revisit some of my absolute favorite records in the process.

Each one of these posts has consistently averaged somewhere between 15-20 albums. So why are there 33 albums from last year that I deem worthy of your time? Is it because last year really was one of the most extraordinary years in Connecticut music in recent memory or is it simply a drastic case of recency bias? I tend to think it’s the former.

With that said I’m not going to do a write up for 33 different albums here. You don’t have time for that and neither do I, but I refuse to chop worthy albums of this list just for the sake of it. So instead I’m simply going to link to each record and implore you to pop on some headphones. There is not a single weak record in this bunch. Every single one is a stellar representation of its respected genre.

And so many genres represented – Indie rock, indie folk, country, Americana, psych rock, alt rock, hip hop, hardcore, garage rock, stoner rock, R&B/soul, and death metal just  to scratch the surface. 2018 really did sort of define the CT music scene in a way. This statewide scene has so much talent spread across so many genres it’s a literal embarrassment of riches. So go listen to some killer music. I’ll be over here prepping my 2019 lists. (There’s a bunch of them coming. You’ve been warned.)


Goodnight Moonshine – I’m The Only One That Will Tell You, You’re Bad

Farewood – Under Burning Sun

Goodnight Blue Moon – Dawning Dream

Jeff Przech & The Outfit – Jeff Przech & The Outfit

Belle of the Fall – Rise Up

Pat Stone & The Dirty Boots – Long Way From Home

Mountain Movers – Pink Skies

Audio Jane – Letters

The Brazen Youth – Primitive Initiative

The CarLeans – Forgotten Pages

Apathy – The Widow’s Son

Brian Dolzani – Horse

Daphne Lee Martin – Scared Fearless

Intercourse – Everything Is Pornography When You’ve Got An Imagination

Kerri Powers – Starseeds

Plywood Cowboy – Blue Skies

Tetramer – Death of Karma

Head With Wings – From Worry To Shame

Kate Callahan – Triumph

Jacques Le Coque – Positively…

Entierro – Entierro

Landing – Bells In New Towns

Lyon Street Fire – Lyon Street Fire

Xenosis – Devour and Birth

Brian Larney – White

Andrew Biagiarelli – Vagabond

RYXNO – She Called

Eric Ducoff Band – Closure

Phat A$tronaut – The Fifth Dimension

Tiny Ocean – Sometimes You’re Right

Down With Rent – Entitled Millenial Scum

The Shellye Valauskas Experience – History of Panic

Jake Kulak – Get Faded and Go

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