The Heavy Metal World Tour – Berlin, Germany

The Heavy Metal World Tour is a companion piece to weekly segment on The Metal Dad Radio Show. Each week we play a block of bands from a specific location from around the world, picked entirely at random. This week: Berlin, Germany

Germany’s history of heavy metal exports is long, and impressive. From the earliest days of thrash, through the birth of various extreme metal genres, right up to today, Germany has gifted the world with some true heavy metal titans. So when the tiny finger of destiny pointed at Germany I was keen on selecting the nearest city to the landing spot in hopes of narrowing things down a bit. Below are the four bands we chose to rock from this past week’s show hailing from Germany’s capitol city.


Earth Ship
If you’re looking for a sonic bludgeoning look no further than stoner/doom outfit, Earth Ship. Mixing in elements of traditional doom with stoner rock, Earth Ship plays well for fans of such varied acts as Crowbar, Electric Wizard, and Trouble. In 2016, they released their fourth full-length album in a five year span, so not only are they awesome, their prolific in their output. It would not be hyperbole to say that they’ve improved their sound on each record as well as they’ve expanded out from under the stoner/doom banner to add intricacies not present on earlier releases. All four of their albums however are highly worth seeking out.


Fatal Embrace
Fatal Embrace have been banging heads and shredding stages for a long time, playing under their current moniker since 1997. Their debut album dropped in 1999 and over the last 15+ years they released four full-lengths chock full of thrashing madness. There may be no other band coming out of Berlin today as ready, willing, and able to carry the torch of Teutonic thrash the way this band has and continues to do. Hearkening back to the glory days of fellow countrymen Kreator, Destruction, and Sodom, Fatal Embrace are a non-stop attack complete with killer riffs and sick vocals. Highly recommended for anyone who like their thrash with a raw, gritty, downright evil side to it.


Defeated Sanity
Defeated Sanity have never been a band looking to soften the blow, so to speak. If it’s uncompromising, pummeling death metal you’re looking for Defeated Sanity is going to be right up your dirty, roach-infested alley. Taking queues from some of North America’s greatest death metal exports, specifically Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, and Mortician, while melding it with a technical side those bands often ignore, these German blast and groove masters are like the best and bloodiest trip down memory lane you could take. 2016’s Disposal of the Dead/Dharmata, might be their best effort to date as it combines two very distinct EPs – one showcasing their bludgeoning chops, and the other their technical prowess.


The Ocean
One of Germany’s more popular and influential metal exports over the last decade plus is Berlin’s The Ocean. This revolving collection of musicians has released seven full length albums filled with epic, chaotic, and often beautiful post-metal/sludge/doom. I had the chance to see these guys in the live setting a long time ago and their performance was one I still remember vividly. Fans of the usual suspects like Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, and Rosetta should be all over this band (and should have been for some time now).

To hear tracks from these bands and and much more give a listen to this past week’s show in the Cygnus Radio archives.

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