Song Premiere: “Nod Off, Dream” by Broads

I’ve got you here my lovely…And I’ve stifled every scream…

Broads, the duo comprised of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Kelly Day and Jane Hendry, may not be a household name outside of their usual Down Under haunts but give it time. The Metal Dad is pretty convinced that’s about to change sooner rather than later.

Originally born out of the ashes of the superb Australian vocal group, The Nymphs, Day and Hendry have spent the last couple years honing their craft. With a stellar EP and long list of impressive collaborations and Australian festival appearances under their belt, Broads are now set to unleash their debut full-length, entitled Vacancy, in early 2017.

The first single off the new album is the wispy and captivating “Nod Off, Dream,” a song that finds Day and Hendry once again creating pure sonic honey. While the accompaniment on this particular track still feels blissfully sparse, compared to previous efforts there’s a veritable orchestra behind them. The real attraction though are those voices. You’d be hard-pressed to find two more angelic voices the world over and as Day and Hendry hit all the right notes on this track it’s a positively sublime musical experience.

The Metal Dad is very proud to present the world premiere of “Nod Off, Dream” by Broads. You can purchase the track beginning Friday, October 21.

Can you feel the warmth all around you…I do, I do…

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